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“Motive” — CTV, Sunday Nights


Canadian writer-producer Daniel Cerone and produced by Vancouver-based Foundation Features and Lark Productions,

Takes alot for a police show to interest me.  Especially after years of CSI: Miami. That’s the type of show i prefer, heavy on the procedures.  This seems to be a touchy feely kinda show.  One “The Mentalist” is enough for me.

I’m not convinced Kristin Lehman is a good actress, but to be fair, a better story line wouldn’t hurt.  Canadian and filmed in Vancouver.  I’ve seen it defined as a procedural drama that gets into the heads of the criminals.  I must have fell asleep through those parts.

Apparently 13 episodes were filmed.

I am only dishing out a 1.5 based on the first show  “Creepin Tom”

Present prediction that’ll it last past 8 shows.  1/5

What did you think of it?

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February 11/13

Watching the second show in the series entitled “Crimes of Passion”  Can’t say it’s winning me over.   I think i’ve decided knowing all the answers in the beginning ruins it.  We know it’s just a matter of time until the killer looks at her funny and she ‘just knows’.  It could still be all about the motive and the viewer not know the killer.

Still don’t think it’ll complete the full season.

How about you?

Still possibly coming:

Third show to come “Pushover”, 02/17

Fourth show to come “Against All Odds” 03/03


The real first day of the rest of my life.

I’ve said that to myself alot over the years.  Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Tried to psyche myself out each and every time to better myself.  And yet here i sit, proclaiming that yet again.  And why is this time going to work?  Easy answer, Because i have all of you.  

A bit about me, presently unemployed, tho in the process of interviews with two different jobs, so hopefully not for long.  I need money.  Course doesn’t everyone.  Married with adult children.. live in Ontario.  Not to make myself seem important or anything.  But for my families safety, that is all i will be stating about me.

Was an odd day.  Started bad, very very bad, but turned around.  It was saved by the bell, so to speak.  Since the second job calling for an interview changed the mood.

Smoking right now, shouldn’t be.  But am.  Hard to quit with so much stress.  But yet smoking adds to it all at the same time.  Mostly boils down to being dumb.

Besides having a nice family dinner we watched <well eventually it was just me> 3.5 movies.

Ghost Rider… booo started flipping through the guide as soon as I saw his head on fire.  That really was all i’d wanted to see and since the movie was horrible switching wasn’t hard.

Of course we only changed it to “Snakes On The Plane”.  As horrible as i’d heard, but i’d never seen it and always wanted to see Samuel Jackson say that famous line.  I was near screaming through most of it.  Snakes are gross!

“Leaves of Grass“ was next.  It wasn`t very good, or so i`m guessing that was around the time i decided i wanted to start a blog.  It didn`t hold my attention well and two ed norton`s was one too many.

and last is called “The Snowtown Murders“, it`s about John Bunting, Austrailia`s worst Serial Killer.   It`s pretty graphic and includes a male on male rape.  Simple, but something you don`t see everyday. Still in the process of watching the movie, but mostly it`s slow and dark.

Todays outcry is about Zenga.  As an example, Cityville 2 is so buggy one can not finish it.  It presently also levels out at 40.  Zenga doesn`t tell people that tho.  Any hope to scam money out of us.  My biggest problem is some bugs have been there well over two months.  So, to me, they aren`t even working on them.  People should not purchase anything by Zenga.  And in turn anything by facebook since they allow such activity to go on.  We have to take a stand sometime.  

I didn`t do any writing today.  As usual i just can`t make myself write.  It just bubbles in my brain. 

No movie i watched today taught me anything in that sense, asides from not making a stinking boring, or in the case of Snakes, so utterly impossible that one just shakes their head and misses the time and money invested. 

Wrote Ellen again. I do that alot.  She`s a great listener.  

Couple news storys out there right now that i`d like to weigh in on.  

Pastor who didn`t want to tip their waiter 18%.  I`m partially on their side.  I really don`t think any place should automatically add a tip.  For one the wait staff lose the need to impress.  They know they are getting it no matter how crappy the service is. Two why is it 18?  Isn’t 15 the norm?  Seems selfish to me.  I do not think the Pastor should have complained.  “Own it” as Dr. Phil would say.  Seems mostly she was embarassed to have been caught.  She certainly didn’t come across as Christian tho.  Trying to hide behind written word like so many do online.  Except  she didn’t think it through.  Hiding behind a post it note leaves much exposed to scrutiny.

That said, in this day and age online activity is monitored from our workplaces.  Harressment and bullying at any level is wrong and the girl should not have posted it.  Losing her job does seem harsh, but it has to end somewhere.  And sooner is always better… in everything but smoking, that is.

Like the past couple years the groundhog did not see his shadow and Spring will be early.  Some see that as a bad thing, global warming and such.  But i got to admit, i’m not hating the shorter winters.

I haven’t checked out the Roosts lately. But you’ll be hearing much more about those as soon as i have a job again.  Gas is actually near 128 right now, Incredible.  That is theft and i’m not sure why it’s allowed to go on.  Hope to write about bonzais as well.

As i told a good friend not too long ago i was going to reinvent myself.  With whatever my next job is i hope to step into it and excel in areas in my life where i’ve let stagnant.  This blog will hopefully highlight those accomplishments as well as giving my an outlet to express whatever the hell i feel like.

I’m on a more vegetarian diet than vegan diet these days. I don’t want to spend any money on groceries.  Rice and beans is on the menu for next week.  I have lots in the cupboard and figure i should eat it. Waste not, want not really does save you sometimes and should be strictly adhered to at all times for just in case. Truly, no one knows what is going to happen from one moment to the next.