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House of Cards, Netflix

February 11, 2013

“House of Cards” based on the first book in a trilogy by Michael Dobb, 1989.  By Media Rights Capital, developed by Beau Willimon  and directed by David Fincher. 

I had missed any news about “House of Cards” creation, but, as with most tv series I’ve chosen to watch on Netflix, it was because of the buzz on TV and the web.. Quick side note, apparently I’m paying Netflix too much a month if they are buying rights to tv series for $100 million.  But that’s another topic.

Having watched the full first season now, I wasn’t sure what I thought of “House of Cards” at first.  My very first impression was on how dark it was. Not the satirical dark they succeeded in weaving throughout the 13 shows, but dark in the sense of no lighting and no color.  Everything, the clothing, the furniture, even the sky … everything was dark and drab. Because of this I kept forgetting it was actually 2013.  Until they used their phones anyway.  How people kept secrets was more in the past as well.  But scripts do have to bend to make a story.

Having alot of characters it was hard keeping everyone straight in the beginning, but the main characters shined through. Robin Wright and Kevin Spacey’s complexed relationship kept us wondering just what they’ll do next, and Francis Underwood’s, Spacey, ruthlessness did not disappoint.  His witty banter, in first person narrative, kept us in on the game and propelled us to the end.

Did you like it?

Any guesses to what the second season will hold?  I predict Janine Skorsky will not be in the second season long.

My rating, 3.75/5

With 13 more shows  included with the $100 million, I am definitely thinking there will be a season 2. 



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  1. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on House of Cards. There’s definitely going to be a second season.

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