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“The Taste”

February 6, 2013

“The Taste”.  Prior to seeing the first show i’d never heard of any of the Chefs.  Since then I’ve seen Anthony referenced a few times on various shows.   It’s odd how that seems to happen. This was the fourth show and past the auditions. It’s amusing the one Chefs’ last name is Malarkey.  LOL  Apparently i’m dating myself by knowing the expression… ‘full of malarkey’.  Personally the blind taste test in the beginning was slightly lame.  Tho i understand the point about first impressions, but if i understand correctly last votes they won’t know who cooked what.  Now that could indeed be amusing.  No Chef really feels approachable.  Three are super stuffy; Malarkey is the one that is a bit more mellower.  Luca proves it by bluntly telling the girl he is not her friend. I saw the one girl giving Malarkey the apparent finger… it was censored, that was rather immature.  I believe her name is Diane. “The Taste’s” page isn’t set up very well.  Loads of stuff about the Chefs but very little about the players.

“Shawn you’ll have to do alot worse to be sent home.” said Anthony.  What was that?  No coaching classes ever? Will it be picked up again?  Probably, most realty shows are.   Presently i wouldn’t miss it if it’s not picked up.  What did you think of it?


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