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“The Following”, Monday, Fox

February 5, 2013

“The Following”

Produced by Outerbanks Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television. American

First season will consist of 15 episodes.

I watched it simply because Kevin Bacon is in it.  He’s playing, an of course retired, FBI agent that is called back to duty to help find an escaped sadistic serial killer whom he helped arrest years before.

It’s fairly intense but seems interesting.  Serial Killer, Joe Carroll certainly appears to have them backed into a corner and a twisted sense of humor.

So far i’m only giving it about a 2.8/5

Present Prediction: Only ** out of 5 to think it will go past 8.  It could get repetitive and i feel it may be too gory for mainstream tv.

What do you think?

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After three shows there’s a good buzz online about the show.  Possibly it may last longer than i thought. Most review sites are giving it between a 6.8 and a 8.2.

Shows in Season 1

Pilot, 1/21/13

Chapter 2, 1/28/13

The Poet’s Fire, 2/4/13

Mad Love, 2/11/13

Still To Come

The Siege, 2/18/13

The Fall, 2/25/13


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