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second day of the rest of your life

February 5, 2013

It’s actually the third now, but i just left the title as is, since i did start it yesterday.  I just wasn’t able to focus.

I started a facebook page and a twitter account now.   Even started a facebook group, just to see what it could become. Well rounded possibilities.  Time will tell.

That my first loud complaint is about a facebook product is not unnoticed by me.

Super bowl was definately the buzz of the day.  I’m slightly glad the Ravens who.  I often tend to cheer for the underdog.  Being one afterall. But the 49ers is my friend’s fav team, so i know he’s slightly hurting today.  Hopefully he didn’t playbet much money.

Mostly i don’t care.  Truthfully sports and i never started a relationship and i never visit anyway.  The husband LOVES hockey, baseball too, but it was a hobby that became neglected when a girlfriend <me> entered his life, so I have seen alot of hockey.  Still don’t know much about it.

Went for an interview yesterday, was hired on the spot, so basically have a job.  Still going to pry at the first tho, since they did contact me on Friday.. and he honestly did say, ‘we’d love to hire you’.. so what else can i think but if i got him the reference he wanted that an offer would come next.  Today is Monday, i’m hoping to hear from them, but as I mentioned, i have a lame entry level job.  So money seems available in the future.  I prefer the first job since it’s at least $2.50 more.

Today i am going to submit my UE online app.  I don’t have the proper papers from my last place of business, but i hope to be able to get it started at least.  it’s been two weeks.  It’s not my fault, they made errors.**edited.. done!!**

Made a yummy strawberry sauce to put on pancakes today.  I should have taken a picture!  I am going to try and remember next time. I don’t consider myself a foodie but I do want to share recipes and such.  Spaghetti for dinner.  That was tasty too.  While out we stopped at the candy store and got a bunch of chocolate.  I want to be following the Vegan diet.  But with no job I’m just eating what everyone else eats.  I’m sorry Ellen.

I had my small reviews of the tv shows below originally… but decided to put one per article.  Maybe get a few more interested that way.

Watching Christie on David Letterman now.  Love Dave!  Always have been a Letterman gal.  I will be the first to admit tho, he’s kinda repeats alot.  But it’s been decades, i’ve been there since the beginning,  he’s nearly like family.  And i’ll always love how he manned up and contacted the police. Luv to Dave and hopefully twenty more years of entertainment.  Should i have put Letterman in his own article?  Tell me!





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