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“Motive” — CTV, Sunday Nights

February 5, 2013


Canadian writer-producer Daniel Cerone and produced by Vancouver-based Foundation Features and Lark Productions,

Takes alot for a police show to interest me.  Especially after years of CSI: Miami. That’s the type of show i prefer, heavy on the procedures.  This seems to be a touchy feely kinda show.  One “The Mentalist” is enough for me.

I’m not convinced Kristin Lehman is a good actress, but to be fair, a better story line wouldn’t hurt.  Canadian and filmed in Vancouver.  I’ve seen it defined as a procedural drama that gets into the heads of the criminals.  I must have fell asleep through those parts.

Apparently 13 episodes were filmed.

I am only dishing out a 1.5 based on the first show  “Creepin Tom”

Present prediction that’ll it last past 8 shows.  1/5

What did you think of it?

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February 11/13

Watching the second show in the series entitled “Crimes of Passion”  Can’t say it’s winning me over.   I think i’ve decided knowing all the answers in the beginning ruins it.  We know it’s just a matter of time until the killer looks at her funny and she ‘just knows’.  It could still be all about the motive and the viewer not know the killer.

Still don’t think it’ll complete the full season.

How about you?

Still possibly coming:

Third show to come “Pushover”, 02/17

Fourth show to come “Against All Odds” 03/03


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