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House of Cards, Netflix

“House of Cards” based on the first book in a trilogy by Michael Dobb, 1989.  By Media Rights Capital, developed by Beau Willimon  and directed by David Fincher. 

I had missed any news about “House of Cards” creation, but, as with most tv series I’ve chosen to watch on Netflix, it was because of the buzz on TV and the web.. Quick side note, apparently I’m paying Netflix too much a month if they are buying rights to tv series for $100 million.  But that’s another topic.

Having watched the full first season now, I wasn’t sure what I thought of “House of Cards” at first.  My very first impression was on how dark it was. Not the satirical dark they succeeded in weaving throughout the 13 shows, but dark in the sense of no lighting and no color.  Everything, the clothing, the furniture, even the sky … everything was dark and drab. Because of this I kept forgetting it was actually 2013.  Until they used their phones anyway.  How people kept secrets was more in the past as well.  But scripts do have to bend to make a story.

Having alot of characters it was hard keeping everyone straight in the beginning, but the main characters shined through. Robin Wright and Kevin Spacey’s complexed relationship kept us wondering just what they’ll do next, and Francis Underwood’s, Spacey, ruthlessness did not disappoint.  His witty banter, in first person narrative, kept us in on the game and propelled us to the end.

Did you like it?

Any guesses to what the second season will hold?  I predict Janine Skorsky will not be in the second season long.

My rating, 3.75/5

With 13 more shows  included with the $100 million, I am definitely thinking there will be a season 2. 



One Day At A Time — Day 4

Quiet day at home alone today.  TV shows until 10 pm anyway. I hope to work on the scipt some today too.  It’s so hard to explain.  It works non stop in my brain but i never seem to want to actually sit and write it.

Friend told me about >> Mechanical Turf << today.  Aside from not getting cash in Canada, has anyone else had any experience?  One article I read said he made $30 bucks in 12 hours.  Not that great, but if I was to actually get cash I’d definately be doing that while i wait on whatever will be next.  Two day wait for acceptance tho.

I’ve added “The Taste” to my list of reviewed TV shows.  I’m going to need to figure out how to do things within the blog too.. links, perhaps pics.. lots of little things to keep me busy.

So I sorta dawned upon something the other day.  On how Hollywood really seems to like to shove.. Hope.. down our throats.

“Raising Hope”, “Saving Hope” and “Hope Springs” comes to mind just in the past year.  Is it some type of subliminal message? lol

The little war going on between Donald Trump and Bill Maher is amusing to me.  Bill Maher never once said he was kidding/it was a joke, hope he has the $5 million cause i think Maher is going to lose.  People need to be held accountable to what they say.

“The Taste”

“The Taste”.  Prior to seeing the first show i’d never heard of any of the Chefs.  Since then I’ve seen Anthony referenced a few times on various shows.   It’s odd how that seems to happen. This was the fourth show and past the auditions. It’s amusing the one Chefs’ last name is Malarkey.  LOL  Apparently i’m dating myself by knowing the expression… ‘full of malarkey’.  Personally the blind taste test in the beginning was slightly lame.  Tho i understand the point about first impressions, but if i understand correctly last votes they won’t know who cooked what.  Now that could indeed be amusing.  No Chef really feels approachable.  Three are super stuffy; Malarkey is the one that is a bit more mellower.  Luca proves it by bluntly telling the girl he is not her friend. I saw the one girl giving Malarkey the apparent finger… it was censored, that was rather immature.  I believe her name is Diane. “The Taste’s” page isn’t set up very well.  Loads of stuff about the Chefs but very little about the players.

“Shawn you’ll have to do alot worse to be sent home.” said Anthony.  What was that?  No coaching classes ever? Will it be picked up again?  Probably, most realty shows are.   Presently i wouldn’t miss it if it’s not picked up.  What did you think of it?

second day of the rest of your life

It’s actually the third now, but i just left the title as is, since i did start it yesterday.  I just wasn’t able to focus.

I started a facebook page and a twitter account now.   Even started a facebook group, just to see what it could become. Well rounded possibilities.  Time will tell.

That my first loud complaint is about a facebook product is not unnoticed by me.

Super bowl was definately the buzz of the day.  I’m slightly glad the Ravens who.  I often tend to cheer for the underdog.  Being one afterall. But the 49ers is my friend’s fav team, so i know he’s slightly hurting today.  Hopefully he didn’t playbet much money.

Mostly i don’t care.  Truthfully sports and i never started a relationship and i never visit anyway.  The husband LOVES hockey, baseball too, but it was a hobby that became neglected when a girlfriend <me> entered his life, so I have seen alot of hockey.  Still don’t know much about it.

Went for an interview yesterday, was hired on the spot, so basically have a job.  Still going to pry at the first tho, since they did contact me on Friday.. and he honestly did say, ‘we’d love to hire you’.. so what else can i think but if i got him the reference he wanted that an offer would come next.  Today is Monday, i’m hoping to hear from them, but as I mentioned, i have a lame entry level job.  So money seems available in the future.  I prefer the first job since it’s at least $2.50 more.

Today i am going to submit my UE online app.  I don’t have the proper papers from my last place of business, but i hope to be able to get it started at least.  it’s been two weeks.  It’s not my fault, they made errors.**edited.. done!!**

Made a yummy strawberry sauce to put on pancakes today.  I should have taken a picture!  I am going to try and remember next time. I don’t consider myself a foodie but I do want to share recipes and such.  Spaghetti for dinner.  That was tasty too.  While out we stopped at the candy store and got a bunch of chocolate.  I want to be following the Vegan diet.  But with no job I’m just eating what everyone else eats.  I’m sorry Ellen.

I had my small reviews of the tv shows below originally… but decided to put one per article.  Maybe get a few more interested that way.

Watching Christie on David Letterman now.  Love Dave!  Always have been a Letterman gal.  I will be the first to admit tho, he’s kinda repeats alot.  But it’s been decades, i’ve been there since the beginning,  he’s nearly like family.  And i’ll always love how he manned up and contacted the police. Luv to Dave and hopefully twenty more years of entertainment.  Should i have put Letterman in his own article?  Tell me!




“Seed”, Monday, Citytv



Having watched the second show now,  I feel I know the whole story to come.  Even tho they may pull a few half hearted laughs out from their recycled humor,  it won’t draw people back for the next week.  My opinion remains it’ll be pulled.


I don’t really like the name.  There’s been a few laughs in the room  but seems like it’ll be a part time dad juggling new kids and probably a new love interest carbon copy.  No one stood out.  Canadian out of Nova Scotia by Force Four Entertainment.

13 episodes was ordered.

I rated it 1.5/5.

My Present Prediction:  * out of 5 chance of going past 8 shows.

What do you think?

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“Ill Conceived”, 2/4/13

“Zygote Problems”, 2/11/13

Still to come

The Rhythmic Gymnastic Method,  2/18/13

The Ultra Sound and the Fury, 2/25/13

“The Following”, Monday, Fox

“The Following”

Produced by Outerbanks Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television. American

First season will consist of 15 episodes.

I watched it simply because Kevin Bacon is in it.  He’s playing, an of course retired, FBI agent that is called back to duty to help find an escaped sadistic serial killer whom he helped arrest years before.

It’s fairly intense but seems interesting.  Serial Killer, Joe Carroll certainly appears to have them backed into a corner and a twisted sense of humor.

So far i’m only giving it about a 2.8/5

Present Prediction: Only ** out of 5 to think it will go past 8.  It could get repetitive and i feel it may be too gory for mainstream tv.

What do you think?

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After three shows there’s a good buzz online about the show.  Possibly it may last longer than i thought. Most review sites are giving it between a 6.8 and a 8.2.

Shows in Season 1

Pilot, 1/21/13

Chapter 2, 1/28/13

The Poet’s Fire, 2/4/13

Mad Love, 2/11/13

Still To Come

The Siege, 2/18/13

The Fall, 2/25/13

“Anger Management”

I can’t believe he’s called Charlie yet again.  And I believe I heard there’s a movie coming out that he’s in with the name Charlie as well.  That’s just lame to me.  He’s suppose to be acting.  The show itself is basically fine.  Same lame sexist jokes with Charlie shining through with the heart of gold.  Though, I will admit I am glad he landed on his feet and seems to have straightened himself out for now.  That the father is his father again figures.  Hey Charlie can i have a second chance exorcism on your show please?  What’s yours the 24th from the train commercial?  Oh how I laughed at that train commercial.  Nice to see Brett as well.  She was pretty funny.

I rate it like 2.9 out of 4.

Already know it’s around for what four more seasons?

What do you think?